Adapting to Offsite Construction

Chris Reilly, Altecnic’s Country Manager for Ireland, discusses how new Caleffi 354 Manifolds can enhance efficiency of offsite construction...

Offsite is shaping the future of construction as it becomes an easier, cleaner and safer way to build – contributing a £30 billion spur in growth of the construction market outside of London*. It is a clear signal that continually evolving construction methods will take centre stage in the years to come. In addition to the growth in the market, studies suggest that offsite construction improves efficiency, with the NAO finding that it could reduce the build time for housing by over 50%.*

Chris Reilly, Altecnic Country Manager for Ireland.

Adapting product design and application to Offsite
As construction methods are continually evolving, so must the materials and components we use within it. Many appliances manufactured and distributed to building projects are primarily designed for onsite use only. However, others, such as the Caleffi 354 Manifolds, are designed to aid the offsite construction process. 

Manifolds are an essential solution, fitted whilst constructing the pod, which allows for the pipework to be installed and then a singular pipe to be connected to the manifolds when on-site. Without this appliance, all the pipework would have to be installed on-site and would essentially move the bulk of the construction on site too.

What are the benefits of the Caleffi 354 Manifolds?
The WRAS approved 354 manifolds are designed to allow for centralised isolation of multiple outlets, making it a pod builder’s dream. 

The manifolds can be supplied with compression outlets, or male BSP flat face, which makes connection easier through press fit or mechanical techniques. By having a diverse connection type range, the manifolds are perfect for different types of offsite construction.

Caleffi 354 Manifolds from Altecnic are designed to aid the offsite construction process.

In addition, the manifolds can be labelled hot or cold and by appliance, again diversifying their use and simplifying the installation process. 

Overall, the 354 manifolds enhance the efficiency of offsite construction through time saving, with less joints having to be used throughout the pod itself.  With the evident growth of offsite construction, it has become apparent that manifolds will become much more widely used. 


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