ADEY launches revolutionary new water-testing kit

Plumbing & Heating magazine has teamed up with KMPtv to produce their first video review of the world’s premier universal central heating digital water test...

We recently sat down with Northern Ireland’s Plumber of the Year, Dougie Burrows, to review a revolutionary new water-testing kit from ADEY that sends a lab-style report straight to your phone.

The video which can be seen on the Ireland’s Plumbing & Heating Magazine YouTube and social media channels, sees Ryan McNaught from ADEY sit down with Dougie to explain how the new ProCheck® can provide heating engineers with instant lab-style results on heating system water quality using only a smartphone.

Lab-style results on your phone
Good water quality is crucial when it comes to protecting heating systems so they can operate efficiently over the short and long term. The most common cause of heating system breakdowns is poor water quality which if left untreated can leave home-owners facing increased energy costs, or expensive repair bills if vital components fail.

Water testing helps prove that the heating system was left in the best possible condition by an expert, as well as minimising running costs and the risk of costly breakdowns, but until now heating engineers could only test in two ways: check only for inhibitor levels or carry out a full lab test and wait a minimum of 24 hours for the results.

However, the new ADEY ProCheck® can provide heating engineers with nearly instant validation of system health, measuring inhibitor, corrosion, and pH levels in under 3 minutes. The results are then displayed on ADEY’s easy-to-use app, which also offers recommendations for corrective action, where required.

How does it work?
Simply! All the heating engineer needs to do is take a sample of water, use the dedicated test strips and card, scan with the app, and they will receive an instant on-site report and recommendations directly to their phone.

Each test creates a results report, which can be sent to any email address directly from the ADEY app. The app which is available on both the Google Play and App Store allows you to keep track of all your tests using the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System and view reports, get annual test reminders and resend test reports from a simple-to-use dashboard.

KIWA Verified
The ADEY ProCheck App has been tested and approved by KIWA Gastec, who has verified the procedure and the resulting trial test data set and confirms these results are valid and represent the true performance of the ADEY ProCheck. This gives both the engineer and property owner the valuable peace of mind that their results have been validated by an independent expert.

Plumber of the Year Approved
The powerful features and time-saving benefits of the new ADEY ProCheck demonstrated during what was the first in a number of upcoming Product Review videos from Ireland’s Plumbing & Heating Magazine, was more than enough to impress Plumber of the Year, Dougie, who had one final question for Ryan: “Where can I get my hands on one?”

Heating engineers can get themselves started using ProCheck by simply picking up an activation kit at their local merchants and downloading the ADEY ProCheck app to their phone for free.

The ADEY ProCheck kit comes in a compact hard case and includes a testing pot, 5 dip test strips and 10 test cards. Purchase includes a year’s free subscription to the report management system where users can generate and email test reports directly from the app and view all their historic reports over time. Refill Kits are also available from local merchants or

ADEY ProCheck gives heating engineers:
• Instant lab-style results on your phone
• Tests results for inhibitor, corrosion and pH levels in the system
• Independently validated results
• Recommendations for corrective action, where required

Full results report available by email instantly and uploaded to Report Management System for portal access later

Watch the review video…
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