Arbonia and Hevac a partnership of quality

Hevac is now the official distributor of Arbonia radiators, radiant tube and radiant panel products...

Decotherm TH

With custom-fit, timely and efficient solutions, Arbonia and Hevac are your expert HVAC partners. Whether you’re a designer, architect, wholesaler or specialist installer – with high quality components for all kinds of rooms, highly reinforced virtues and many years of know-how, Hevac and Arbonia can offer you the solutions you need. All of this comes with a clear commitment to service and quality.

Arbonia products are not just for use on the wall; they can also be used in floor and ceiling areas, meaning that they are perfectly suited for all kinds of buildings – offices, public buildings, commercial buildings or work and living space. With a commitment to pursuing sustainability, Arbonia products, production processes and operations are designed in such a way that the health and safety of employees, customers and users – as well as the environment – are not compromised.

Top quality products and a commitment to the highest standards of customer service have been the hallmarks of the Arbonia Group for the past 50 years. The company is well known for supplying the industry with a range of heating products including radiators, convectors, radiant panels and heat pumps.

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The range of Arbonia products now available directly from Hevac includes:

Heating Panels Ultra-thin and extremely variable, Arbonia Heating Panels provide optimum comfort thanks to the ideal ratio of radiant heat and convection. These are vailable in two basic versions: “HH” with horizontal and “HV” with vertical flat tubes. The multiple dimension options offer a customised solution for practically any room and performance requirements, as well as special planning specifications. Standard or customised side coverings – depending on the model- and a decorative top grille, highlight the clear-cut, well-finished form. These are available with a wide variety of connection options, such as side or front built-in valve, as well as a centre connection for optimum planning and installation.

Radiant Tubes
Extremely light and comfortable, Arbonia Radiant Tubes is a new temperature conditioning system for ceilings. Attractive and lightweight aluminium profiles provide utmost comfort thanks to even temperature distribution; ideal for production halls and warehouses, offices and restaurants. The Arbonia solution is highly flexible thanks to module lengths of up to 12 metres. They can even be installed during working periods, because of the reduced installation time – up to 50%. This results in: considerable time and cost savings for the end customer.

Arbonia’s high quality radiators Arbotherm, Brugman Centric and Decotherm® Plus are all available from Hevac.
The Arbotherm is a clear flat-pipe structure with open transparency for an architecturally outstanding heating solution. It provides short reaction periods and an optimal proportion of radiated heat and convection and it’s available in a double-layer version for even more heat.
Brugman’s Centric is beautifully finished and stylishly designed. It is equipped with a smart, fixed centre connection that makes installing the radiator very easy. The Piano Centric panel radiators have a flat front plate and a rounded finish that create a sleek design, emphasised by the smart, fixed centre connection.
Arbonia Decotherm® Plus is a classic with a brand-new shine, enhanced quality and optimised visual appearance. This straightforward, high quality heating design fits perfectly into modern, sophisticated interior architectural design. Manufactured using the latest production technology and honoured with the Universal Design Award 2014.

John O’Brien, Business Development UK & Ireland Arbonia said, “Everything about Arbonia Solutions is based on quality and on an extremely high level of customer service. We provide bespoke offerings to the industry, all based on technical specification. We feel that the service we provide stands apart from other suppliers.”

Together, Hevac and Arbonia can offer you optimum guidance, planning, service and logistics.

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