Bye bye limescale, hello many benefits

Aquabion - the best alternative to a domestic water softener – has just arrived at Plumbit…

Aquabion range available at Plumb-It.

Easy to install, space-saving and with an impressive international track record, when it comes to solutions to limescale the Aquabion water conditioners are like nothing else for the domestic market.

Using the same technology as their big brother commercial options and made to the exact same standard, the Aquabion solution is extremely cost-effective. Your hard-water customers will recoup their initial costs within two to three years while enjoying up to seven years of limescale protection – maintenance-free and with a industry unique 5 year performance based warranty, you shouldn’t be looking anywhere else.

Now stocked for wholesale by Dublin-based merchant Plumb-It, the Aquabion water conditioners offer your customers a proven limescale solution for their homes. They can ditch their bulky salt water softener and their regular bulk buys of salt in favour of this clever piece of kit that does away with the need for an electrical installation or chemical additives.

“We are very excited to become the new agents for Aquabion products,” says Paul Byrne, Sales Manager for Plumb-It. “I have always been a fan of the Aquabion range. It was first brought to my attention by word-of-mouth, which is a great indication of how this product has really connected with the trade.

“As we are agents for Ariston boilers and water heaters, the Aquabion range will only complement our usual supply and I’m confident pairing up with Aquabion will only exceed all companies’ expectations in respect to growth.

“The plan is to stock domestic products such as the S15 and S20 first off, with commercial products available upon request.”

There are many different technologies that manufacturers use to try and create the elusive non-adhering lime. However, Zinc has always been the preferred. The BIG problem has always been fouling. Aquabion’s patented tech stops the fouling from happening.

The Aquabion uses a galvanic and electrolytic solution, which is combined with their patented self-cleaning agitators. This means that the tiny amounts of zinc ions that are released react with the calcite ions to create non-adhering lime.

“To have Plumb-It as the wholesaler for independent merchants in Ireland can only strengthen the Aquabion brand in the Irish market,” says Paul Wilson, Commercial Director for Aquabion Ireland.

For more information about the Aquabion range and to order stock, contact, Paul on: +353 (0)1 4579030 / email:, or Sales Representative, Annisa on: +353 (0)864134733 / Or you can visit: