Calpeda launches Mèta

Latest product offering from Calpeda further enhances e-idos range of pumping solutions...

For more than 20 years, Calpeda has built a reputation for delivering high-quality pumping solutions that can be depended on to meet a wide range of projects and applications.

The company offers a full range of pumps that are able to cater for domestic, commercial, industrial and specialist applications, all complimented by Calpeda’s engineering-led approach to product development and a team of in-house specialists offering advice and technical support at every step of the project.

As part of the Italian pump giant, Capleda SPA, Calpeda Pumps (Ireland) Ltd is committed to constantly creating new and innovative products and systems to meet ever changing market needs.

Mèta Water Booster Set
The Mèta Water Booster Set is the latest innovative product offering from Calpeda’s e-idos range, offering a compact plug-and-play solution that is perfect for use on domestic, irrigation and civil projects. The Mèta Water Booster Set measures just 146mm by 420mm by 235mm and is equipped with a frequency converter, a pressure transducer, a non-return valve, and an integrated pressure vessel. Designed with installers in mind, the Mèta is easy to install, energy efficient (IE4 efficiency class) and simple to service thanks to a programmable user interface.

Calpeda’s Mèta Water Booster Set is just the latest product in the company’s leading e-idos range which includes:

The E-MPS is s multi-stage submersible clean water pump with integrated control that features a high efficiency asynchronous single-phase motor and has applications for water supply from wells, tanks or reservoirs; for garden use, irrigation and rain water harvesting systems and other domestic, civil and industrial applications.

A pressurised system with integrated pressure control, the E-MXA is a multi-stage self-priming pump that includes a pressure transducer, non-return valve, controlled starting current and temperature. E-MXP The E-MXP multi-stage pump is a pressured system with integrated pressure control and equipped with the e-idos programmable software. Thanks to the analogic pressure sensor, the product allows the user to set the re-start pressure and can reduce or remove the need of an expansion tank.

The E-NGX self-priming pump incorporates the brand new asynchronous single-phase motor from the e-idos product range and is equipped with a pressure transducer, non-return valve, controlled starting current and temperature.

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