Carbon Crunch: NEG8 Carbon and JEM JOIN FORCES IN innovative alliance

NEG8 Carbon, based in Waterford, has teamed up with Jones Engineering Manufacturing (JEM) to speed up the creation of a new Direct Air Capture (DAC) system. The partnership between NEG8 Carbon and JEM, an engineering company known for Integrated Modular Solutions, is a step towards combating climate change. By using JEM’s expertise in simpler manufacturing and smart design, they hope to fast-track the development and installation of NEG8 Carbon’s innovative DAC system.

Their focus is on managing emissions, improving logistics and making the system easier to maintain right from the start. By streamlining the manufacturing process and making each part more standard, they aim to make DAC technology more efficient and scalable. NEG8 Carbon aims to capture millions of tonnes of CO2 annually by 2035. Adrian Costigan, CCO for NEG8 Carbon, believes that teaming up with JEM will help refine their technology. Ian Davy, General Manager of JEM, expressed their commitment to collaborating with NEG8 Carbon in creating a strong, customised solution.