C&F Quadrant provides the heat for local Nightingale ward

C&F Quadrant’s first class back up and after-sales service will keep covid-19 patients warm this winter...

Three Nesta floor-standing boilers from AIC recently installed at the new NHS Nightingale Centre at Whiteabbey.

C&F Quadrant was called on to deliver a turnkey boiler package for a new ward block at NHS Nightingale Centre, Whiteabbey Hospital in County Antrim.

Situated a short distance from the hospital, the local firm designed a full boiler house from scratch for the new ward. When taking out the old heating system the boiler was separated from the existing heating system using a heat exchanger to ensure maximum water quality for the boiler. The package, installed by contractor BJ McGrath Plumbing and Heating, included a trio of quality products: three 280kW Nesta Floor-Standing Boilers from AIC, a Flamefast BoilerGuard gas detection system and Grundfos Magna3 pumps to replace the existing inefficient heating system.

Gavin McKay, Sales Executive at C&F Quadrant says, “We suggested the AIC Nesta boiler for its reliability, efficiency and compact space-saving design and also because it can cascade through a high kW output.”

The MAGNA3 circulator is a highly-advanced canned rotor pump and is perfect for large commercial buildings such as hospitals.

The extended range of Nesta boilers are specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications. Based on the tried and tested ‘fire-tube’ design heat exchanger, the range of floor-standing condensing boilers are now up to 840kW outputs. The stainless steel heat exchanger provides maximum heat extraction with minimum size. Its corrosion-resistant surface ensures uninterrupted condensing efficiency, low maintenance costs and product longevity. For added assurance, the boiler comes with a five-year warranty, and a ten-year warranty for the heat exchanger, both subject to terms and conditions.

The Flamefast BoilerGuard safety system provides a natural gas and carbon monoxide detection system throughout the boiler plant room. It’s a low-cost, complete plant room system, which provides a central interface for all common safety systems such as fire alarms, thermal links and gas sensors. With the option to include gas pressure proving. The communication interface allows all sensor information to be displayed on the panel, this includes gas type, concentration, status, alarms and calibration data.

Rear of boiler including minimum flow pumps, flue system and safety group.

The new ward provides a second Nightingale facility in Northern Ireland as part of an NHS surge plan ahead of winter. The step-down facility includes 100 intermediate care beds. The region previously had a Nightingale facility opened at Belfast City Hospital for coronavirus patients.

C&F Quadrant is proud to be involved in aiding the NHS during the pandemic, says Gavin. “We always pride ourselves in the back up and after-sales service we provide with our boiler systems. Obviously, for a site like the Nightingale Hospital it is vitally important they can rely on a fast back-up and after-sales service.

He adds, “Being local, we can provide the fastest response and we have the added benefits of having in-house engineers and a full stock of spares.”

Key features:
• Nesta floor-standing boiler
• Stainless steel ‘fire-tube’ heat exchanger
• Easy installation and serviceability
• Compact dimensions
• Wide modulation ratio
• Small footprint
• Low NOx burner
• Stainless steel internal pipework
• Lightweight casing

“We suggested the AIC Nesta boiler for its reliability, efficiency and compact space-saving design and also because it can cascade through a high kW output.”

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