Clipacore on hunt for wholesale partners

Clipacore is looking for NI and ROI wholesale partners to support the launch of a brand-new product in April.

Clipacore Duocut is the latest addition to the Clipacore range and has been specifically designed as a response to installer feedback. It allows existing holes to be symmetrically enlarged without core bits skidding across a customer’s wall and running the risk of injury or damage to property.

The Clipacore Duocut system provides even more consistent results quickly. The easy-to-use design allows existing holes to be enlarged to a wide variety of diameters for a wide range of applications, which may include: upgrading boiler flues, gas pipes, waste pipes/soil pipes and extractor fans.

The inner spring-loaded core bit provides easy removal upon the outer core bit having scarred the wall, ensuring perfectly symmetrical holes to one another. The outer core bit has been designed for quick release from the drill adaptor (not supplied) using the same Clipacore circlip. The inner core bit can be removed by hand without the threads locking up and binding too tight to remove – saving time on the job.

Ideal for cables or ducting, Clipacore Duocut is compatible for interchanging ½” threaded core bits ranging from 38mm up to 152mm.

Key features include ½” drill adaptor (sold separately), quick release clip, ½” core bit thread, quick release clip apertures and compression spring.

If you want to discuss the opportunity of becoming a Clipacore Duocut wholesale partner in NI or ROI, contact