Copper Industries – Nothing but the highest standard

Copper Industries and LB Cylinders are the UK and Ireland’s largest independent suppliers and manufacturers of standard and bespoke hot water cylinders, calorifiers and buffer tanks, and have over 30 years of experience in the trade. With technical support from in-house plumbing professionals, the companies manufacture top-quality products at their state-of-the-art facilities in Toome and Bray.

Research and development 

Alongside their dedicated manufacturing and customer support teams, Copper Industries and LB Cylinders owe their success to the Research and Development arm of the business, as product innovation is a top priority. 

Long before sustainability goals were discussed in mainstream media and the current cost of living crisis, the companies were always focused on making cylinders more energy efficient. Every aspect of product design, from the materials used for individual elements, such as the coil design, is created with energy efficiency in mind. The cylinders reduce the running costs for both domestic and commercial clients. This is possible due to the companies’ scientific approach to research and development, always pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in cylinder design.

Trusted clients

Cylinders manufactured by Copper Industries and LB Cylinders are installed at large companies and attractions across Ireland and the UK, such as Europe’s leading poultry producers Moy Park and at Titanic, Belfast. 

Their products are trusted also by dozens of hospitals throughout Ireland and the UK to provide safe drinking water. Protection against Legionella is important in any installation but especially at healthcare facilities. 

The companies also supply merchants across Ireland and the UK. Copper Industries and LB Cylinders products are installed in thousands of homes making them one of the most trusted hot water cylinder solutions on the market.

Robotic automation and traditional coppersmithing 

At Copper Industries and LB Cylinders, old and new skills come together seamlessly in the manufacturing process to create the highest standards. Their primary focus is on supplying superior hot water cylinders and delivering the best quality and service. Every single cylinder is carefully crafted and double-checked to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

The companies pride themselves as master coppersmiths and have an appreciation and love of the traditional craft, but innovation and R&D also live happily alongside their traditional methods. 

Traditional skills can and should be celebrated and retained, and they have found a way to do this while at the same time benefiting from advancing technologies. In recent years, the companies have heavily invested in robotics and robotic automation within manufacturing. 

Their innovation, attention to detail and dedication to the quality of products have led to Copper Industries and LB Cylinders being awarded the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality assurance certification, which ensures that products are manufactured to the highest standard and best practice governing the production of mild steel, stainless steel and copper cylinders.

The MaxiPod 

The companies’ flagship product is acclaimed as the most sophisticated hot water cylinder on the market, with great speed and intelligence. The indirect cylinder provides a hot water system that delivers fresh drinkable cold and heated water straight to taps. The Maxi Pod is both pressurised and vented to control any energy input, no matter what the heat source is chosen by the homeowner, including solar energy, a multi-fuel stove, or a gas, oil or electric boiler. 

Thermal stores like the MaxiPod do not need annual servicing like other hot water generators on the market. This saves money on servicing and eliminates the risk of boiler explosions. The MaxiPod is designed to keep the water constantly moving, reducing the cost of energy bills. This also significantly reduces lower standing heat loss, making it a more sustainable heated water provider, as energy created isn’t lost. 

The clever design means that fresh, hot water is always available on demand, and the system won’t waste energy reheating the entire cylinder each time. 

LB Cylinders celebrate 10 years

Despite unprecedented market volatility over the last decade and particularly the last three years, LB Cylinders is not only surviving but thriving.

The company was established in 2013 to serve the Irish market. Its head office and manufacturing facility are based in Bray, County Wicklow. The LB Cylinders team have worked tirelessly over the last ten years to establish it as a market leader in Ireland. 

Like the UK team based in Toome, their focus has been on innovation in product design and customer service. In just ten years LB Cylinders has established itself as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of domestic and commercial hot water cylinders. Their products are installed in hundreds of commercial, healthcare and domestic properties all over Ireland.

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