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Innovative solutions for modern requirements ensure Cosmogas water heaters from Hevac deliver maximum energy efficiency and performance...

AGUAdensT available 60-280kW with efficiency 107%.

Market-leading supplier of stainless steel condensing instantaneous water heaters, Cosmogas, designs and manufactures its condensing gas- fired water heaters to ensure energy- saving benefits, without reducing the high demands of heating and DHW for residential or commercial projects. Cosmogas instantaneous, condensing and modular water heaters are designed as an alternative to large single water heaters or boilers with large storage calorifiers, and offer a very efficient, modern approach to commercial water heating.

Each module is designed and built by Cosmogas with an AISI 316 Ti (titanium) stainless steel exchanger, and can be installed as a single module water heater or alongside another module in a horizontal arrangement. They can also be fitted as a vertical stack of water heater modules one above another, with a working pressure up to 11 bar. Providing a flexible and secure approach to water heating solutions, each water heater module provides a percentage of the total system water demand.

This modular approach allows the water heaters to match a variety of load variations requested through the day or week, or during varying demand seasons. Smaller modular water heaters are physically easier to transport and handle than very large water heaters. For retrofit projects they can be installed alongside the existing water heaters as they are capable of high outputs from a compact size.

AGUAdens residential water heater. Always at a constant temperature.

Cosmogas’s titanium water heater range can provide more than 280kW in less than 1sqm of floor space and can cascade up to 1120kW with a minimum output of 14 kW. All these water heaters have lightweight designs and will fit through a single doorway, making them ideal for roof-top or basement plant rooms and high-rise residential buildings. The range includes:

• AGUAdens Wall-hung Heaters
Available in a range of models with 16, 22 and 37l capacities and respectively with 27.5kW, 37.6kW and 64.8kW outputs, the AGUAdens Cosmogas from Hevac is a new wall-hung water heater range designed to deliver instantaneous hot water for houses, offices, sports facilities, shopping centres and large-sized spaces in general. Compact and light, AGUAdens simplifies installation, while the simple and intuitive commands make for easy use.

• AGUAdens 60T and AGUAdens 70T
Floor-standing condensing water heaters that can be installed easily, thanks to their power, reduced size and lightness, freeing space inside mechanical rooms. Turndown ratio is up to 1:4.

• AGUAdens 100T, AGUAdens 115T and AGUAdens 140T
Condensing water heaters that can be installed directly on the floor owing to their power, reduced size and lightness. They are equipped with two RVC heat exchangers made of AISI 316 Ti (titanium) stainless steel that work in cascade mode with unit power at 99kW, 115kW and 140kW. Turndown ratio is up to 1:10.

• AGUAdens 180T, AGUAdens 210T and AGUAdens 280T
Commercial and industrial, instantaneous and condensing floor-standing water heaters, ideal for all your hot water needs including hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, sports clubs and industrial applications. They are equipped with three or four RVC heat exchangers made of AISI 316 Ti (titanium) stainless steel that work in cascade mode with unit power up to 280kW. Turndown ratio is up to 1:20.

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