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PTS Ireland and Mixergy have launched an exciting partnership to launch, stock and distribute the full range of Mixergy’s smart connected hot water cylinders…

April 2022 marked an exciting milestone for Mixergy with the arrival of the Mixergy smart hot water cylinder into the Irish market for the first time. PTS Ireland have partnered with Mixergy to launch, stock, and distribute the full range of Mixergy’s smart connected hot water cylinders, helping households lower their bills and carbon footprints. 

Mixergy’s unique hot water cylinder heats only what is needed, rather than all or nothing, which is how conventional hot water cylinders operate. Why boil a full kettle of water when only making one cup of tea? The same logic should apply to hot water cylinders. 

Mixergy’s patented top-up heating method allows customers to heat anywhere between 10-100% of the total volume of their hot water cylinder. Combine this with a smart machine learning schedule and you can lower your hot water bills by up to 40% and increase the speed of recovery by up to five times.

Each tank is cloud connected, giving customers actionable insights about their hot water usage, energy consumption, hot water level and much more. There should be no more excuses for a cold shower ever again.

Another critical component of the Mixergy tanks design is its flexibility. Each tank can be upgraded to connect to solar PV or a heat pump at any point during its working life. This ability to connect your hot water tank to solar PV or a heat pump in the future helps lower the cost of decarbonising for customers and gives them options for whichever course of action they choose to take in the future. 

Importantly though, this flexibility isn’t just about convenience, its about making the most of the renewable technology it’s connected to. The Mixergy solar PV tank is a multi-award Product of the Year winner because if its ability to help customers utilise as much solar as possible. The Mixergy heat pump variant is hugely popular with installers because of its ease of operation with any make/model and its ability to increase the CoP of the water generation by up to 10%.

Mixergy are hoping to work with PTS Ireland to drive knowledge of and confidence in the Mixergy product range to installers across Ireland and help bring this suite of benefits to hundreds of Irish households this year. 

If you would like to learn more about the product, please meet representatives from both Mixergy and PTS at PLUMBEX Dublin on 07-8 September. PTS will also have it’s Prowarm underfloor heating and range of renewable products on display.