EPH launches exciting new thermostat range

Feedback from customers, designers used to develop innovate products

With its commitment to providing maximum comfort to the homeowner, while evolving its designs for seamless installation, EPH Controls continues to create quality and innovative products.

The Cork-based company’s latest range has been developed with input from customers, installers, heating system designers, and industry partners. It includes three brand-new product lines, as well as some new features on old favourites.

Introducing the highly anticipated UFH10 Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre, which is designed to work with the EPH range of digital and mechanical thermostats. Up to 10 zones can be controlled with this unit. Up to four EPH TA230 thermal actuators can be used with each zone, allowing potential control of up to 40 zones or underfloor circuits. Conveniently,
two of the zones can be configured to control radiator or hot water zones using zone valves. There are 4 time inputs for installations, where EPH non-programmable thermostats with setback function are being used. This setback feature maximises control and saves energy. The UFH10 contains two spare fuses and can be wall or DIN rail mounted for added convenience to the installer.

Next, meet the RD Series recessed thermostats with their sleek and fresh
design. These are for use in traditional or underfloor heating systems. There are two thermostats in the range; the RDT, which is non-programmable with setback function, and the RDTP, which is the programmable version. The RDT can be wired to have a setback temperature, which can be user-defined from 1°C up to 10°C. This allows the heating system to operate at a lower temperature when the demand for heat is off. This continuous lower level of heat ensures that the system never gets too cold, giving the customer straightforward and efficient temperature control of underfloor areas.

Meanwhile, the RDTP has an option to attach an external temperature sensor. It is also possible to detach the front face of the thermostats from the rear housing, which contains the wiring and relay. Each of these low-profile thermostats has a large backlit screen devised with the end-user in mind. The contemporary recessed design of this range appeals
to style conscious homeowners and installers alike, making them an obvious choice for the modern home.

Ingenuity continues with the new surface-mounted HD Series of stylish digital dial thermostats. First up, is the mains powered HDT, followed by the HRT, which is battery powered. These will work with both modern underfloor and traditional heating systems. The battery-operated HRT allows an installer to upgrade from an existing traditional two wire mechanical dial thermostat to a modern sleek digital thermostat, without a difficult and expensive cable run. The HD thermostats are extremely easy to use, with an on/off switch and a rotary dial to adjust temperature. Keeping efficiency in mind, these devices also have the setback function as described above for optimum control.

Elsewhere, EPH’s TA range of thermal actuators, available in 230VAC (TA-230) and 24VAC (TA-24), have been consistently popular with installers. With their M30 x 1.5mm connection, the TA range can be used in various modern and retrofit scenarios. These have a convenient actuator position indicator and are normally closed by default. Operation can be reversed mechanically, if normally open is required. Responding to feedback from installers, EPH has also developed the new TA230S, which contains an auxiliary switch
offering more control than a traditional two wire thermal actuator.

Finally, the highly regarded C series has also had an elegant redesign. This surface mounted range of thermostats suits almost any installation. There are mains-powered programmable and non-programmable versions, the CDT2 and the CDTP2, as well as battery-powered programmable and non-programmable versions, the CRT2 and the CRTP2.

This range of thermostats has a normally open and normally closed connection, so they can be used for heating as well as cooling applications.
Also, from a commercial application perspective, these thermostats can be locked and limited in their range. The neat modern style of the C series appeals to homeowners, and the variety of the range means there is a thermostat suitable for any situation an installer may encounter.

EPH Controls is delighted to be able to bring these new products to the marketplace and is confident they will fulfil the needs of our customers and installers.

Trevor Casey, EPH Managing Director, added: “As our loyal customers have come to expect, all of these products come with EPH’s 5-year warranty. We are also proud to provide best-in-class after sales and technical back up to our installers, merchants and homeowners.”

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