Fernox launches dedicated filter for heat pump systems

The new TF1 Sigma HP Filter offers great protection to air and ground source heat pumps, with excellent strength and hydrolysis resistance…

Leading manufacturer Fernox has extended its portfolio with the new TF1 Sigma HP Filter, specifically designed to protect air and ground source heat pumps. Through exceptional design and engineering, the filter provides a high-quality option and unparalleled performance to help maintain the efficiency of new or retrofit installations.

As a pioneer of filter technology, Fernox has developed the new TF1 Sigma HP Filter to offer the best possible protection. The filter’s unique shape allows for the efficient capture of system debris and the settlement of particles within the main body of the filter. Manufactured from engineering-grade polymer, the TF1 Sigma HP Filter provides excellent strength and hydrolysis resistance.

Key to its market-leading performance is the utilisation of the innovative flow and filtration technology (patent pending), which allows the filter to be highly effective at capturing all types of debris, including magnetite, hematite and scale at high flow rates (up to 80 L/M), typical of heat pump installations.

The Fernox TF1 Sigma HP Filter is supplied with 22mm or 28mm full-bore valves as standard. Thanks to their design, there is no restriction of flow through the filter assembly, ensuring the heat pump can maintain the required COP (Coefficient of Performance).

With a double radial seal between the manifold and main filter body, the Fernox TF1 Sigma HP Filter is very flexible. Installation is quick and simple, enabling horizontal or vertical orientations or at any point around a full 360° pipework orientation.

Following the robust design of other products in the Fernox TF1 range, the TF1 Sigma HP Filter is engineered as a sealed unit without a lid for greater integrity and security, reducing potential leaks. Fast and simple to service, unlike lidded filters, there is no need for replacement ‘O’ ring seals, minimising ongoing maintenance costs.

Greg Banham, UK & Ireland Sales Director at Fernox, commented, “The TF1 Sigma HP Filter has been extensively tested, proving it has the best Kv value of any available filter on the market. A combination of features, including the unique, patent-pending filtration technology and the low-pressure loss from the carefully engineered flow paths, means that COP levels and heat pump efficiency can be maintained. Furthermore, the use of high integrity and high-quality components ensures that the Fernox TF1 Sigma HP Filter provides unparalleled performance.”

To find out more about the Fernox TF1 Sigma HP Filter, please visit www.fernox.com