Firebird retrofit burners exceed expectations

Firebird retrofit burner heralds a new era of environmental excellence...

Firebird by Elco burners can be retrofitted to the full Firebird condensing and standard efficiency boiler range.

‘Go green without costing the earth’ is not just a catchy slogan, it sums up what can be achieved by purchasing the Firebird by Elco Low NOx burners. First introduced in 2018, they have taken the retrofit burner market by storm, exceeding all expectations in the delivery of combustion performance and clean technology.

Offering low running costs, ease of maintenance and service, and kind to the environment, what’s not to love? A major advantage of the Firebird by Elco burners is that they can be retrofitted to the full Firebird condensing and range. Engineers and any information, such as compatibility settings, are invited to call Firebird’s Technical Support or visit the company’s website.

The Firebird by Elco low NOx burners were created to meet challenging and stringent NOx emission levels demanded by the 2018 ErP Directive legislation changes (ErP Directive NOx emission limit at 120 mg/kWh). They succeeded, but don’t take our word for it. Independent evaluation of the NOx levels measured has demonstrated levels in the region of 60-80 mg/kWh depending on the model (outputs available from 12 to 100 kW) and has proven reduced carbon emissions.

The Firebird by Elco burners easily beat the ErP Directive limits and are future proofed against possible further legislation. By retrofitting a new Firebird by Elco burner to an existing boiler, or by purchasing a new Envirogreen boiler, you will contribute significantly to reducing NOx emissions. The “light blue flame” single stage burner solution, based on Elco patented combustion technology and efficient settings means using less liquid fuel. That in turn means it’s good for the environment and costs less to run.

All Firebird by Elco burners are factory pre-set (12.5% CO2 when 20°C ambient temperature) in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency. They also require only minor adjustments in fuel pressure and air for field conditions. Manufactured with installers in mind, featuring a design that is straightforward to fit and simple to maintain, key components can be removed and adjusted with a single 4mm Allen key.

All parts are easy to access thanks to a dedicated servicing position and a simple layout, plus a “Plug & Play” system for component removal. Why not check out the informative video on our website, explaining how easy the burner is to install. For advice on reducing NOx emissions and reducing your carbon footprint, retrofit or fitting new boilers, please get in touch.

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