Firefly heats up MacBlair’s radiator range

For over 30 years the Firefly panel radiator has been the heat emitter of choice for the plumbing and heating industry…

Firefly radiator range.

Stocked by MacBlair Plumbing Merchants, Firefly radiators are noted for their high quality, high performance, aesthetic design and easy installation. The radiator is manufactured to all international standards including BS EN442 and ISO 9001.

The radiator’s low water content combined with modern welding technology and maximum metal gauge material creates a highly efficient product with the capability of a fast heat-up time. Modern 33.3 mm pitch water channel design is used on all models. All radiators are tested to 13 bar which exceeds the operating pressure of 10 bar. Anti-corrosion treatment is applied in the manufacturing process prior to primer paint application, and finally a hard-baked powder paint coating is applied to ensure a long-lasting finish.

The Firefly radiator range is available in heights of 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 900mm and in lengths from 400mm to 3,000mm, so no need to compromise; Firefly has the right size radiator for any room or application. Uniform packaging with side cartons, corrugated cardboard and shrinkable foil guards against impact during storage, transport and installation. The radiator carries a no quibble 10-year warranty.

Thermtek – Firefly radiator distributors.

Firefly carries the largest radiator stock on the domestic market to support their Firefly stockists, combined with an extensive logistics operation. They ensure consistent product availability for plumbers, installers and construction sites through their stockists.

The Firefly radiator’s sales volume and market share size ensure that the brand is highly competitive, at all times and constantly outperforms the market in value for their end users. 

Jim Barry, from Thermtek (Firefly’s Ireland distributors) said, “2021 has been an extremely challenging year for our industry to date. With unprecedented cost increases for raw materials and shipping charges, we have managed to improve the competitiveness of the Firefly range by controlling and limiting the effect this volatility is having on costs.

“Our partnership with the MacBlair plumbing network across Northern Ireland has been significant for Firefly radiators and as we increase market share together, we continue to be committed to supporting the end user with a high quality, competitive product backed by large inventories and a dedicated back-up team.”

• Extensive radiator range
• Radiators tested to 13 bar which exceeds the operating pressure of 10 bar
• Low water content ensures fast heat up time
• Anti-corrosion treatment
• 10-year warranty
• EN 442 Certified