Future of liquid fuel heating has arrived

EOGB launches new Sapphire boiler in Northern Ireland...

OFTEC’s representative in Ireland Sean McBride pictured left with Gary Stronach EOGB (second right) demonstrating the new Sapphire Boilers at Soth Eastern Regional College, Newtownards.

EOGB’s new Sapphire boiler, the heating industry’s first fully modulating, blue flame domestic liquid fuel boiler, has been launched in Northern Ireland.

The innovative product, which claims to deliver the best in energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction of any domestic liquid fuel boiler on the market today when paired with Opentherm controls, was showcased at an event co-hosted by the South Eastern Regional College in Newtownards.

Experts from EOGB were at the launch event to provide demonstrations of the new boiler, which operates through OpenTherm technology for smart connectivity. OpenTherm, as the name suggests, is an open standard digital interface for modern boilers.

With traditional heating systems, a simple relay is used to turn the boiler on or off. When the boiler is on, it heats water to the pre-set temperature until the thermostat tells it to turn off. The result is often that your radiators come on to maximum temperature and can often overshoot the temperature you set. As a result, the thermostat waits until the temperature falls, then kicks the boiler into maximum gear again. The average temperature you achieve may be right, but you end up over and undershooting the level you set, which isn’t ideal as efficiency and control go out of the window.

With OpenTherm, you get a digital interface to the boiler that allows your smart thermostat to change the temperature of the water used for the heating. This is called modulation.
The Sapphire blue flame boiler provides heating engineers with a solution to fit efficient oil boilers with significantly lower NOx emissions and reduced heating bills for their customers.

Sapphire’s fully stainless steel boilers are available in kerosene and HVO bioliquid ready variants. The combustion process that takes place within a blue flame burner differs to and is much cleaner than in standard yellow flame burners.

The combustion gases within a blue flame burner are re-circulated through a specially designed longer blast tube, which has a ring of slots around its circumference. This design allows the combustion gases to mix with atomised droplets of fuel and oxygen drawn in through the burner, to produce a clean blue flame which has much lower NOx emissions.

Blue flame technology remains highly efficient with the added benefit of significantly lower levels of NOx emissions to current legislation.

Gary Stronach of EOGB said: “By working in partnership with SERC, Newtownards and OFTEC Ireland we have been able to bring the Sapphire boiler to the college to allow the necessary training on this innovative product. The Sapphire boiler is available in both kerosene and HVO models and with the future of the domestic oil industry looking towards HVO, so as to greatly reduce its carbon emissions, we are in a strong position
to assist as oil customers make the changeover to this new fuel.”

For those interested in learning more about the Sapphire boiler, EOGB is offering training sessions once a month for OFTEC registered technicians, starting in February. This includes everything needed to get started, including installation, servicing, and commissioning.

To learn more about the EOGB Sapphire boiler, contact: T: +44 (0)1480 477066
E: sales@sapphireboilers.co.uk