Future of water pressurisation is here

Ground-breaking solution for cold water boosting...

Esybox - the most complete range on the market

With its revolutionary Esyline concept, DAB pumps demonstrated how water pump technology has evolved by introduced simplicity, modularity, easy installation, improved energy efficiency, and a host of other benefits.

Now, the Esyline journey continues with the Esybox. This patented, high performance booster pump system is innovative in design and revolutionises water pressurisation in residential environments. It is efficient and compact and extremely easy for the installer and user to handle and operate.

Esybox has changed the way people use our most valuable natural resource – water. It is smart and versatile and can combine sets of between two and four pumps thanks to its modular design.

Esybox Mini 3 is the next in the family and when it is installed and used, it becomes evident that the real difference is in the comfort and performance. Esybox Mini 3 uses the most advanced DAB technologies to enable constant pressure according to the demand, ensuring optimisation of energy consumption. The impeller model provides noise reduction and consumption. Managing the water
pressure in your home has never been so simple and silent.

Next, DAB dived into the future with Esybox Diver; the first electronic submersible pump with integrated inverter to have a user interface for remote control.
The Esybox Diver is an all-in-one addition to the range, suitable for tanks, wells and reservoirs.

The many possibilities of installation, and various types of use combined with the simplified maintenance from the control interface make this a versatile product, designed with the needs of installers, maintenance technicians and the end customer in mind.

Esybox Max is the latest ground-breaking step for the Esyline range. With a pressure capability of up to 11.3 bar and flow rate potential of 4.8 litres per second per pump, Esybox Max is truly a commercial solution. From design to installation, Esybox Max meets the needs of every
user. It is easy to use and created to serve with maximum efficiency and security for up to 10-storey apartment buildings or medium-sized hotels and hospitals.

The functional, modular and compact design allows it to be positioned even in the smallest of spaces and due to its compact size and ergonomic handles, it’s easy to move and handle.

The future of water pressurisation is here; innovative technology that is simple and affordable and allows you to achieve maximum performance with minimum energy consumption.

The Esybox line allows you to find a cold water booster perfect for you and your requirements.

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