Galletti DUCTIMAX units available from Hevac

New Galletti DUCTIMAX i fan coil units provide Performance and compactness in recessed ceiling installations…

The new Galletti DUCTIMAX i fan coil units from Hevac have been conceived for air conditioning interiors where the installation of high-performance medium-head units with reduced overall dimensions is required.

The DUCTIMAX range comprises 12 models with air flow rates from 300 to 1200 m3/h and nominal cooling capacities of up to 8kW.

A high efficiency heat exchanger with 3 or 4 rows allows the DUCTIMAX to be used in a wide variety of operating conditions and can be combined with another 1 or 2 row exchanger for exceptional performance even with low temperature differentials. The heat exchangers can also be optimised for centralised applications such as district cooling.

The DUCTIMAX units are designed for horizontal ceiling installation, with the main condensate drip tray situated inside the structure of the unit and at a positive pressure relative to the drain outlet to facilitate condensate drainage.

Built from galvanised steel sheet, the units are heat and sound insulated by means of Class 1 self-extinguishing panels. The structure makes it possible to combine a wide range of accessories on the air intake and outlet sides so as to obtain the optimal configuration of the unit. DUCTIMAX I fan coil units also feature a washable air filter made of acrylic fibre with filtration class G2 or G3 applied on the air intake.

The use of a single-phase asynchronous multi-speed electric motor with a permanently connected capacitor and thermal protector, mounted on vibration-damping supports, allows proper sizing of the machine by correctly balancing performance and noise levels.

Double suction centrifugal fans are made with ABS or aluminium, with statically and dynamically balanced forward­curving blades which are directly coupled to the electric motor.

The new Galletti DUCTIMAX units available from Hevac are built for compatibility and can be combined with a wide range of wall-mounted controllers, including controllers of an electromechanical type and microprocessor controllers with display.

The use of MYCOMFORT MEDIUM and LARGE or EVO enables Ductimax to be connected to ERGO and heating elements complete with safety devices are available to supplement the hydronic system. The action of the G3 air filter can also be combined with an air ionisation system.

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