Get smart with Panasonic heat pumps from Heat Merchants

Save time and money with bespoke technical design and diagnostics from Heat Merchants…

With more than 60 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector.
The Panasonic Aquarea air-to-water heat pump offers home-owners comfort, efficiency and low energy costs while being clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

The Aquarea heat pump delivers three different technical solutions depending on the property requirements, and each is available in a range of outputs ensuring there is a solution to meet any requirement:
1. Aquarea High Performance – For new installations and low consumption homes
2. Aquarea T-CAP – For extremely low temperatures, refurbishment and innovation
3. Aquarea HT – For a house with old, high-temperature radiators The Heat Merchants technical team will advise on the best option for each specific property and will size it accordingly.

Smart Cloud
The Aquarea Smart Cloud from Panasonic provides easy and powerful remote control, monitoring, and energy management from anywhere in the world. Much more than a simple thermostat for switching a heating device on or off via the internet, the Aquarea Smart Cloud is a powerful and intuitive service.

It allows home-owners to remotely control a full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption. It enhances the performance of the heat pump to maximise comfort and minimise energy bills and CO2 emissions.

The Smart Cloud allows remote monitoring, efficiency reviews, diagnostics and maintenance by the Heat Merchants Service Engineers or the installer. This will enable installers to fine tune the system, address any errors, identify if a call out is required and if any parts are required – saving installers time and money.

Technical design
The Heat Merchants Technical Services team have full professional indemnity insurance and can provide a complete design for heating, plumbing and mechanical ventilation in any new single or multi-residential building project.

Systems will be designed to ensure a high level of comfort and energy efficiency for the home-owner, and with their comprehensive product range, Heat Merchants can offer solutions for any project or budget.

The Heat Merchants engineers will deliver a comprehensive bespoke technical design to include product specification, full schematics and drawings, which will be in accordance with current building regulations and best practices.

Installer training
Installer training, technical support and aftersales service across the Panasonic range is provided free by Heat Merchants for customers. Training is now provided online and installers can register to attend through their local heat Merchants branches.

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