Going green with Firebird

21st April 2023 Firebird HVO Brand Ambassador

At Firebird, the firm takes pride in providing excellent customer service. 

Recently, it had the pleasure of engaging with Karl Henry, who expressed an interest in upgrading his outdated heating system. 

Having relocated to his dream home in West Cork, Karl sought Firebird’s expertise in sustainable home heating solutions. With an older and relatively larger home posing retrofitting challenges, Karl sought Firebird’s advice on the installation of the most efficient boiler for his home. 

Following a thorough evaluation of Karl’s previous heating systems, Firebird made a recommendation for an energy-efficient and dependable option: the HVO-ready Envirogreen Popular 44kW boiler. This Firebird boiler boasts impressive heat output while utilising minimal fuel, thanks to its remarkable efficiency. 

Not only will this translate to significant fuel bill savings for Karl, but it will also help him reduce his carbon footprint. Furthermore, this boiler is a robust and long-lasting unit that can provide years of trouble-free operation with proper maintenance.

After extensive discussions with Karl and his plumber, Oliver Buckley, about sustainable fuel options, Firebird proposed a trial of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils) in his home, giving him an opportunity to experience the benefits first-hand. A viable and sustainable drop-in replacement to kerosene, HVO fuel is fossil-free, and can reduce greenhouse emissions by over 90%. The HVO was supplied by MJ Kelleher Oils in Cork.

Mark Doyle, General Manager with Firebird explained how the introduction of HVO for household and commercial boilers would be an instant game-changer for Ireland. 

“There are 700,000 or so homes in Ireland like Karl’s with existing liquid fuel boilers and with few other choices available for homeowners to adopt cleaner, greener heat solutions.

“HVO can work with any liquid fuel boiler and, if used in homes, can potentially make these homes almost carbon neutral immediately. 

Firebird’s trials of HVO for home heating in Ireland and Northern Ireland have proved how household greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 90% and with CO2 emissions decreasing by up to six tonnes annually.”

The installation of a Firebird HVO compatible boiler is similar to a standard Firebird boiler in many respects, but there are some differences in the components of the boiler installation and how it operates. 

Another difference is in the burner use as the Firebird HVO boiler has a modified burner that is designed to handle the different viscosity of HVO. The burner is also designed to operate at a higher temperature, which is necessary to vaporise the HVO. 

Speaking about the upgrade in his heating system, Karl said, “I couldn’t be happier with my new HVO-ready boiler from Firebird. Over the past two months, I’ve found HVO to be an incredibly sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional kerosene. We have seen a 35% reduction in our heating bills so far. With Firebird’s innovative technology, I’m confident that I’m doing my part for the environment while enjoying our warm and comfortable home.”

Firebird installer, Oliver provided his expertise and was eager to contribute to the project.

Firebird worked with Oliver to identify the best appliance in terms of size and suitability and the project was delivered in less than two days.

Speaking about the project, Oliver said, “Working with Firebird to install Karl’s new Envirogreen Popular 44kW boiler was a great experience. It was great to have Firebird’s technical team on hand for any questions, as even though the installation of the Firebird boiler was very straightforward, the upgrade of the heating system itself was complex. The team’s expertise and dedication to sustainability made the installation process seamless, and we’re thrilled with the results. 

HVO is a game-changer in terms of efficiency and reduced emissions, it is odourless and much cleaner to work with compared to kerosene. It is great to see a local Cork company leading the way in sustainable home heating.”

This innovative approach to problem solving is just one of the reasons why Firebird is a market leader in home heating; always adapting and always developing practical world-class solutions with a mission to set new standards of sustainability for the home heating market.

For more information, visit: www.firebird.ie