Greenline Plumbing Supplies celebrates three years of success

After three years trading, Greenline Plumbing Supplies has a lot to celebrate, including a brand new branch opening in Cavan...

David Bates, MD Greenline Plumbing Supplies, is delighted to open new branch in Cavan.

Greenline Plumbing Supplies’ unbeatable attention to customer service has secured their spot as the leading plumbing and heating supplier in the Navan area, and their reputation is growing across Cavan after opening a new branch in the town.

The company, which is conveniently headquartered in Mullaghboy Industrial Estate in Navan, celebrated its third birthday on July 24, in generous style by donating and topping up a percentage of that day’s sales across both stores to frontline health staff. It was a fitting act of tribute to the efforts of local healthcare staff during the Covid-19 pandemic -and one close to home for many of the Greenline team.

Navan manager, Ray Purfield, says, “My wife is a nurse and so is the wife of one of our other staff members. So we’ve seen the pandemic from the other side. We’re also the main supplier for Navan Hospital’s plumbing requirements, which meant we were allowed to stay open throughout the lockdown, in case of supplies being needed.

“We wanted to give back to a sector that has given so much to the rest of the community during these difficult times.” Greenline Plumbing Supplies is also no stranger to going the extra mile for its loyal customer base.

“We built our reputation on the quality of our service,” says Ray. “If someone needs a delivery on site at 5 am or 10 pm, we’ll be there. Service is everything. Over the last three years we’ve got to know our customers so well they’ve become friends. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their loyalty and our suppliers for the great support they’ve given us.”

Navan customers raise their cups during Greenline Plumbing Supplies third year celebrations.

When competitive prices are added to the service mix, the result is a company that’s dedicated to providing plumbers with unrivalled service. The company caters for all projects and provides a varied range of products from leading manufacturers including sanitary ware, gas/oil boilers, heat pumps and solar panels. Greenline Plumbing Supplies started with just two staff and one van at the Navan store; that’s grown to seven staff, three vans and a jeep, along with three more at the newly opened Cavan branch.

“Sales have gone through the roof since we first started,” says Ray. “Covid-19 obviously gave us a little stall, like everyone else, but the business is back and flying again.

“Across both stores, there is a wealth of knowledge that has been built up through years of experience in the hardware, plumbing and heating trade. But we are continuously updating our knowledge by attending training courses on new products. Education is vital. You can’t sell something if you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

In January, Greenline Plumbing Supplies opened their new Cavan branch, taking over the Cavan Plumbing Centre premises, which went up for sale in mid- October 2019. David Bates, MD Greenline Plumbing Supplies, says it was the right time for them to make the move. “We had been thinking about expanding in Navan and were looking for premises big enough to include a bathroom showroom. But this opportunity arrived on our doorstep and we couldn’t ignore it.

“We got off to a bit of difficult start with the lockdown, but the trade we had from plumbers working in the hospital or council buildings was enough to keep us open.” The lockdown did present an opportunity for the new store, however. “We had the time to revamp and rebrand the shop interior a lot quicker than we would have if we were in full operation mode,” says David.

Former Cavan Plumbing Centre employee, Liam Sheridan, was made branch manager. “Liam has over 20 years of experience in selling plumbing supplies and is well known in the local plumbing community. He’s a great asset to the store. I’m also based here along with one other staff member.” The same values of quality of service, product range and pricing are continued at the Cavan branch, but where the two stores differ is size.

“In Cavan, we have the space for a standalone bathroom showroom which we have started refurbishing,” says Ray. “RT Large got involved with the first refurb phase fitting out a display of their range and then we will have My Life, SONAS and Flair Showers coming in over the next few phases.”

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