Have you outgrown your current software?

simPRO explain how to recognise when your business has outgrown its current software...

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Growing and scaling a business is a major achievement. It’s an exciting moment when you can finally take on more service, project, and maintenance work that will take your business to the next level. As you build out your business growth strategy, ensure you have the right technology in place that helps drive new business sustainably. 

Start by looking at your current software to determine if it’s still the right fit for your business.

Here are three signs you’ve outgrown your current software: 

1. You’re using multiple platforms that don’t integrate
You might use multiple platforms to manage scheduling and dispatch, invoicing and payments or inventory. 

But it’s impossible to link multiple systems together unless you’re willing to do it manually. This creates a time-consuming process of double data entry with high risk for manual errors. As your business grows, wasting precious time on double data entry slows you down and makes managing your cash flow difficult.

2. You can’t pinpoint where you’re losing money
The way you gather, track and analyse your business data has a massive impact on how well you can pinpoint where you’re losing money. This is vital for managing cash flow and the overall financial health of your company as you grow.

Your software needs business reporting to show both where and why you’re losing money, as well as the relationships between all of your data so that you can pivot strategy as needed. 

3). You get negative feedback from your team about your software
Tap into your staff for feedback on how existing technology impacts their daily work. If your current software makes it harder for your staff to complete tasks you need to find out why. 

Beyond double data entry, inefficient communication between the office and the field frequently causes frustrations when completing work. Frustration from this often bleeds into all the other parts of a job from start to finish, and can even impact the level of customer service your whole team delivers. 

Cloud-based field service software is the solution
Alongside your business growth strategy, you need a software solution that takes your previous software and condenses it into one complete end-to-end job management solution. With simPRO you can manage service, project, and maintenance work from one location, track every aspect of your business and report on performance from initial lead through to final payment. 

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