Help Gas Chat Ireland forum fight back after hacking incident

Important update from Gas Chat Ireland who are fighting back after a hacking incident...

Search 'Gas Chat Ireland' on Facebook.

Calling all fans of Gas Chat Ireland. The popular Facebook forum has experienced some technical issues, resulting in members being deleted and no longer having access to the group. This was totally beyond the control of Gas Chat Ireland and every attempt is being made to ensure the popular industry platform is back online as soon as possible. Here’s how you can play your part. “

Unfortunately, due to a possible third party intervention, we are unable to restore all of our pre-approved members,” explained Mark Ryan. “We value each and every one of the Gas Chat Ireland members and hope that they will contact us as before and request access. That they were deleted was not our doing and we are determined to rectify the situation and to restore this valuable platform for the industry. We appreciate your patience and support.”


If you are an RGI or work in the gas industry and would like to join us, search for “Gas Chat Ireland” on or email for help, advice, member deals and a bit of craic.