Hevac partners with Lochinvar Water Heaters

Hevac are now an official distributor of Lochinvar's full range of Water Heaters and Heat Pumps...

Hevac partners with Lochinvar.

Hevac are now an official distributor/ partner of Lochinvar Water Heaters, distributing their full range of Water Heaters and Heat Pumps.

Lochinvar Ltd has a history in the direct gas-fired water heater business, which dates back to 1976, when products like Knight and Charger water heaters were among the first of their type. Designed on the principles of low storage, but fast hot water recovery, they have been a popular choice for many commercial and industrial buildings for over 40 years.

Most of the current product ranges utilise pre-mix gas burners with condensing technology, which results in operating efficiencies of up 98% and low NOx emissions.

As experts in the water heater business, Hevac provide a wide range of product types, providing specifiers, contractors and end users with flexibility of choice.

Email their C&I team for all your design, sizing and quotation requirements: tender.enquiry@hevac.ie