Leak Locator finds a solution

Call Leak Locator and social distance yourself from potentially costly and problematic water and heating issues...

Leaks are likely after return from lockdown.

Leak Locator can help take the stress out of the ‘distress business’. A heightened state of worry (with blood pressure to match) is pretty much a given for anyone coping with a water leak, their hot flush accompanying the colder one cascading through floorboards and walls. When that leak is also harder to find than the proverbial sharp thing in a haystack, even the most experienced tradesmen could use a helping hand. It’s moments like these that you need Leak Locator.

With more than two decades of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, Peter Doyle is something of a poacher turned gamekeeper. A former plumber with an installation and servicing background, that insider knowledge leaves him uniquely placed to understand the dilemma that faces some in the industry.

“Nobody wants to think negatively, but the truth is that when plumbers return to work after the lockdown they are inevitably going to be faced with leaks,” Peter explains. “In fact, many plumbers will get it in the neck when these leaks do occur, even if, as I try to explain to people, they are usually not responsible in any way for the problem. I know how they feel, I was one of them, but plumbers shouldn’t take it personally, or feel that they shouldn’t need to call us.”

Locating and controlling leaks is a highly specialised business. At Leak Locator they utilise the latest technology to ensure any inconvenience, damage to the property and cost is kept to an absolute minimum. A thermal imaging camera is just part of the Leak Locator’s high-tech armoury, and the range of non-invasive procedures also include acoustic detection using an ultra-sensitive microphone, plus an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic trace gas. With so many properties locked-up during lockdown, the threat of leaks, together with other water and heating problems is very real.

“With premises to secure and staff to consider, switching off the water was probably the last thing on many people’s minds,” added Peter. “That is until they find out that the meter’s still been spinning and racking up a big bill, their pipe has burst, or bacteria has contaminated the air conditioning.”

Invariably Leak Locator is the first port of call when the storm strikes, but it should also be remembered that prevention can be the best cure. Part of the Leak Locator provision is a comprehensive report with accompanying photographs, a blueprint of how to correct existing problems and offset future ones.

First point of contact at Leak Locator is often Peter’s wife Lorraine, a reassuring voice of calm and reason when the smelly stuff has just collided with the fan (so to speak!). Plenty of companies advertise the personal touch, but at Leak Locator they also walk the walk. Lorraine recently spoke with an elderly couple who had been without water and heating for two weeks. Understandably stressed about the threat of Covid-19, Lorraine was able to reassure them that all the necessary safety guidelines would be adhered to. Successfully dialling down their anxiety levels and managing expectations, when Peter was leaving on completion of the work, the couple insisted on picking a bunch of flowers from their garden to take back to Lorraine.

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