OBCP range ensures optimal boiler performance

Tucson Pumps continue to challenge the conventional...

The Tucson OBCP pump.

Many admire and use Tucson Pumps for the brand benefits, including high performance head of pressure and high flow rates, product design and operating benefits, plug and
play features, as well as Tucson Pumps extensive service and warranty terms. But more and more plumbers are also noticing Tucson Pumps for product design and innovation.

Tucson Pumps’ product engineers continue to develop and deepen the categories available to the Irish and British installer. One such product innovation is the Tucson OBCP range of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controlled circulation pumps. These pumps are available in both 6 metre and 8 metre head options, allowing for intelligent control communication
between a boiler and pump, ensuring optimal pump speeds and therefore optimal boiler
performance. Designed for use as a factory-fit or retro-fit pump within oil boiler units, this pump is expected to be extremely popular amongst boiler manufacturers and installers.

The Tucson OBCP is the latest pump to join Tucson’s ever growing range since the MBP45
Modulating Booster Pump, which has proven to be very popular in the marketplace for its Intelligent Water Boosting features.

The Tucson MBP45 incorporates a powerful 600 Watt variable speed motor, allowing for uniform water pressure throughout a building up to 4.5 Bar. This is a low noise pump, offering a decibel rating of less than 45 at 5 metres distance. The MBP45 is manufactured with a sleek, compact and space-saving design, allowing it to stand out from other pumps that are available on the market.

The Tucson MBP45 pump.

This ever-widening Tucson range of heating circulation and water boosting categories includes:
• Domestic and commercial circulating pumps.
• Boiler application circulation pumps.
• Demand responsive & constant speed water booster pumps.
• Pressure controllers, flexible hoses and lever action pump valves.

These products, including the Tucson OBCP, are available from trade counters nationwide and offer a 3-year warranty, like all Tucson products. Tucson continues to innovate and develop new pumping products and will be launching new lines throughout 2022.

For more information on these pumps or to view the full range of Tucson products, get in touch with the sales team:
T: +353 (0)1 842 6255
E: sales@tucsonpumps.ie