Pipelife launches new home heating solutions website

Website helps installers explain differences of heating systems available to customers...

Pipework is the most critical component of an underfloor heating system.

Pipelife, Ireland’s leading designer and supplier of thousands of home heating solutions each year, has launched a new home heating solutions website that outlines all heating options available to heat a home within the market place. The website – www.pipelifeeco.ie – explains in detailed 3D videos the different types of heating systems in the simplest way possible so homeowners can make the most informed decision about the type of system that will work best for their needs.

The Pipelife team work with everyone from homeowners, contractors, architects and consulting engineers across the country in projects ranging from residential homes, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, to warehouses, car showrooms and other commercial and industrial buildings. Drawing on 50 years of manufacturing experience from their production plant in Cork, Pipelife has been at the forefront in developing innovative products for many years, including their Qual-PEX Eco Pipe and Pipelife Eco Underfloor Heating, engineered with energy conservation and waste water renewal in mind.

Padjoe Barry, National Sales Manager, explained, “This is something that we have been working on for the last few months. Building a house can be quite daunting and within that the heating system that is chosen for a home is one of the most important investment decisions a homeowner will make. Heating a home represents the largest annual running cost the homeowner will have in ensuring their family’s comfort over many years. The heating system a homeowner chooses and the supplier they choose to provide it are decisions that will impact on them for decades to come.”

Pipelife’s Eco Solutions website provides homeowners with easy to understand guide to different heating systems.

Point of reference
The purpose of the website is to give installers a point of reference they can send their customers to for information about the different heating systems available and the pitfalls to watch out for. It also explains how critical the quality of all the components used in the heating solution is to its long successful operation and suggests a system that Pipelife would recommend. This is all done in an informative but very easy to follow and understand series of videos.

As underfloor heating is now the most common method of heating homes in Ireland today, it is important to note that the most critical component of an underfloor heating system is the pipework that will be buried in the concrete floor of the home. Once installed this pipework will be encased and inaccessible for the lifetime of the home. Any problems associated with this pipework would entail the floor of the home being dug up causing massive disruption to the house owner and family.

It is critical that all components used, but especially the pipework, are top-quality and fully-backed by reputable manufacturers. Pipelife is the only supplier that manufactures its own specialised underfloor heating pipe in Ireland. They offer their guaranteed Irish Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ Multilayer Pipe with a 50 year guarantee.

The nationwide Pipelife Eco team of experienced design and technical service engineers always provides complete support to installers to ensure successful completion of Pipelife ECO projects.

Pipelife Eco’s team of experienced design and technical service engineers provides total support to installers.

Invest and expand
Padjoe continued, “These are certainly exciting times for Pipelife. While Covid-19 has had an impact on many businesses, including our own, we have continued to invest and expand our business. We have recently opened our new Distribution and Training Centre in Dublin which has proven to be very popular. We are also expanding our manufacturing process at our factory in Cork installing a new pipe production line to meet the demand for our Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe. We will also have some new faces joining the Pipelife team in the coming months as well as some new product lines being launched soon. All of this coupled with the launch of this new website really puts us in a strong position both for the rest of 2020 but also going into 2021.”

Pipelife is a company with annual revenues of €1bn a year. They operate in 28 countries and employ 3,000 employees in 28 manufacturing locations. Pipelife is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wienerberger Group, with group revenues of over €4bn per year and 16,000 employee’s worldwide. In 2019 Wienerberger celebrated its 200th anniversary. Pipelife Ireland itself celebrated its 50th year of operations in Ireland in March 2020.

This long history plus the financial strength of Pipelife is the best guarantee they can offer you that they will be there to support their products over the long lifetimes expected of those products.

Visit the new home heating solutions website: www.pipelifeeco.ie

”The heating system a homeowner chooses and the supplier they choose to provide it are decisions that will impact on them for decades to come.”

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