Comisa S.p.A


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    Comisa S.p.A is a leader Italian manufacturing company operating in the plumbing and heating   sector. The company produces press and screw fittings for pipes, multilayer pipe, underfloor heating and cooling systems, brass and stainless steel manifolds, compression fittings for copper pipes in brass and DZR (EN12164/12165 CW602N), plumbing fittings, gas fittings, valves for copper pipes and taps, ball valves, heat pumps, mechanical controlled ventilation system, photovoltaic panels and solar heating systems. Comisa has been registered from CSQ to ISO 9001:2015for the quality assurance system, and the company exports more than 90% of its production in more than 50 countries worldwide. Comisa’s products are approved by the most important standard certification authority systems.