Press-fit valves: faster, safer, stronger

An often-overlooked part of a building services system, in recent years valve technology has advanced in response to challenges faced by engineers and installers’ explains Darren Baxter, Albion Valves Sales and Marketing Director….

One of the most significant advances in valve fitting technology in recent years has been the introduction of the press-installation method. Press-fit valves offer a faster, safer and more reliable solution for installers by joining pipes together using mechanically-pressed fittings. These connections can be made in a fraction of the time it takes to weld or solder pipes. The ease of press-fit also means fewer errors are made during the installation process, reducing the likelihood of call-backs to a site. 

A further advantage of press-fit is that no hot works are required for installation, which means better on-site safety and less safety equipment needed which provides further cost savings. 

Press-fit connections are designed to be secure. If the pipe is prepared correctly according to the press tool system manufacturer instructions, the connection is as strong as a welded or soldered connection.

Many electro-hydraulic press tools have an auto-cycle feature that only shuts off when the connection is complete, so there is no guessing if the pipe is fully joined or not.

Albion offers a range of press-fit valves that focus on providing all of these benefits for the installer and building maintenance teams. For example, Albion’s whole press valve range is suitable for M profile systems, with the exception of the ART 55PRS, which offers both dedicated M and V profiles. These can be fitted without the need for solder or thread sealant.

Many installers may opt to add press adaptors to valves on-site to benefit from the advantages that press-fit brings, however by using Albion’s press range, this is not required. Albion’s press valves are assembled and pressure-tested (with the ends in place) in the factory before being sent out, saving time on-site and providing peace-of-mind for installers that it is a secure connection.

The exception to this is Albion’s DZR brass press ball valve – the ART 55PRS – in which the press ends are an integral part of the valve’s body, i.e. adaptor fittings are not used. This approach reduces leak points when compared to valves that use adaptor fittings, a significant benefit for large-scale projects where hundreds of valves may be fitted. 

Albion recognises the merits of the press-fitting approach for specifiers, installers and contractors and has grown the number of its press valve products to eight. Seven of these ranges are available in brass or DZR (dezincification-resistant) brass (which also offer a five-year warranty). And Albion also recently introduced a press ball valve in stainless steel. 

Valves may not be the largest piece of equipment to be specified for a building, but they are important enough to consider carefully. Speak to your regional Sales Manager George McGuire about your project for technical advice to achieve the best long-term outcomes.

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