Reliability built in with Reliance TIU

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Investment in the regeneration of urban areas and multi-occupancy building projects has led to a shift from the use of conventional combi boiler systems, to a preference for Thermal Interface Units (TIUs) to provide heat and hot water.

Traditionally, housing stock in the UK and Ireland has been built with individual gas combi boilers located in each apartment. Across mainland Europe, however, Community Heating Networks (CHNs) have long been the solution to provide heating and hot water in large community developments, with a centralised energy centre coupled with a low temperature hot water network.

TIUs are an important part of a CHN. They work on a heat transfer basis, transmitting heat from the primary network supply (which has been heated from the central energy centre) via heat exchangers inside the TIU to the secondary side. One heat exchanger supplies the space heating radiator circuit and the second heat exchanger instantaneously heats the domestic hot water.

As a result, TIUs are highly efficient, environmentally friendly and can contribute
to achieving a ‘zero carbon’ rating. They do not require a gas supply into the apartment or any external flues, which makes them popular with architects who are free to design aesthetically pleasing, stylish buildings without the usual planning constraints of gas appliances.

The use of TIUs is also welcome news for specifiers and contractors. Installation time, material costs and maintenance are significantly reduced, as copper pipework and flues are no longer needed. The need to conform to Gas Safe or FGAS regulations in the apartment is also completely removed.

According to a report from BSRIA in 2014, the market for TIUs is predicted to increase in volume by 16% a year and sales in 2017 are predicted to be between 45,000 to 50,000 units. Reliance has used its vast knowledge and experience of the plumbing and heating industry, together with its dedicated manufacturing facility, to introduce the first major brand of UK designed and manufactured thermal interface units to the market.

Radiance TIUs were recognised by two industry awards in 2016, being shortlisted in the H&V News Awards in the Innovative Products category, and receiving being ‘Highly Commended’ in the Innovative Product of the Year category of the Northern Ireland Plumbing & Heating Awards.

Radiance TIUs are designed with whole system efficiency in mind. The units are ‘demand controlled’ which ensures water only flows through the unit when there is a requirement for heat or hot water. This minimises the potential for limescale build up, prolongs system longevity and reduces standing heat loss.

All internal pipework is made from fully insulated, corrugated stainless steel to enable full flexibility and further reduce heat loss. Pipe connections are made using union fittings to ensure complete reliability and easy maintenance. The clean manufacturing process, where connections are made without soldering or welding, negates the need for flushing the unit during commissioning and mitigates against contamination.

A number of additional external components can also be included, such as a first fix rail, flushing by-pass valve and pre-payment meter. Internally, thermostatic bypass valves, TMVs and thermostatic heating control valves can also be incorporated, so each unit can be tailored to the needs of the project.
Reliance offers a complete system design, backed by expert technical support and accredited CPD courses. Manufactured in the UK, to UK specifications, Radiance TIUs can be relied upon to meet the requirements of any job.

For more information, contact a member of the Reliance team in Ireland –

T: Stuart Harron, Sales Director for Ireland, on (NI) 07909 532133 or (RoI) 0044 7909 532133
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