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Have you considered a project management software solution for your plumbing and heating business?...

simPRO’s project management software helps deliver jobs on time and budget.

Breaking down complex projects into manageable sections to ensure they are delivered on time, and on budget, is key for any plumbing and heating contractor. But if there aren’t processes for proper project management, the chances of something going wrong can drastically increase.

Understand your workflow
This will give you the feedback on which tasks are dependent on others and how to allocate your labour resources. Production control on your project will show where the workflow is tracking down to a per point level and how the cost-to-billing ratio is looking.

Track your projects
In the planning stages, you will need to create key performance indicators (KPIs) and specific objectives that are attainable, trackable and in line with your ultimate goal for the project.

Clear communication
Communicating clearly with your staff and customers during every stage will help avoid mistakes, manage progress and handle change orders or other shifts in the project.

Project Management Software
When you are choosing a software solution to help streamline project management for your plumbing and heating business there are four key project management features you need to look out for.

  1. Automated tasks and notifications – Increase the efficiency of your processes and get projects moving faster by assigning tasks to team members within the system.
  2. Reporting tools – Helps verify where you are in your project timeline and helps you stay on track of job costs.
  3. Estimating features – Create accurate estimates to help keep your project on budget.
  4. Invoicing capability – When your project management tool is linked to invoicing features, you can send out the invoice faster and with more clarity.

These are just a few of the features that help make project management successful. Other features include project-planning dashboards, tools for inventory tracking, automated billing and other solutions that connect the different parts of your project workflow.

  • With simPRO managing projects is efficient, streamlined and simple:
  • Connect features for project management to other parts of your workflow
  • Receive project updates from the field through the mobile app – simPRO Mobile
  • Use Gantt charts for a visual timeline of project status
  • View helpful project management reports such as Cost to Complete reports, Work in Progress reports, and others
  • Use invoicing and payments features powered by Square to easily receive payment for your projects

In addition to providing features for simplified project management, simPRO provides solutions for all areas of the field service workflow.

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