Smart Controls & Energy-Efficient Products

From ‘smart’ thermostats to plug-and-play water booster sets, we share some of the most innovative and energy-efficient products on the market right now…


ESi Controls has launched its new, top of the range, 6 Series WiFi Programmable Room Thermostat, offering the latest in heating control for homes and commercial premises. Fully OpenTherm compatible, this new range of controls allows full control via the room thermostat or via a mobile phone or tablet, with a range of features to impress even the most demanding specifier, installer or home-owner. It comes with a three-year warranty and is available now from your local merchant. Call +44 (0)1280 816868 to find out more about the comprehensive ESi range of controls.


The CP4i is the Ember App controlled version of the extremely popular CombiPack4 from EPH Controls. This smart thermostat system controls the home heating system from a smartphone in one neat package. It can control mains or low voltage switching requirements, so it’s ideal for use in both new and retrofit scenarios. It also uses OpenTherm® technology, allowing it to control and modulate OpenTherm® enabled boilers on the market for ultimate efficiency. The system can be configured to control up to 6 zones. This is also backed up by EPH Controls 5-year warranty and market-leading installer support service.


Rinnai’s Sensei N Series is the new generation of outstanding continuous flow condensing hot water heating units and delivery systems – capable of delivering more than 950 litres of temperature-controlled hot water per hour at commercial temperatures from a single unit. Continuous flow heater systems are proven to be more energy efficient than conventional storage systems and increasingly the experts’ preferred method of hot water provision. The Sensei N Series water heater range is more compact, making it easier to install. The enhanced combustion design delivers superior operational performance and makes it simpler to service.


The Meta variable speed water booster set is the latest innovative product offering from Calpeda’s e-idos range, offering a compact plug-and-play solution that is perfect for use on domestic, irrigation and civil projects. The Mèta Water Booster Set measures just 146mm by 420mm by 235mm and is equipped with a frequency converter, a pressure transducer, a non-return valve, and an integrated pressure vessel. Designed with installers in mind, the Mèta is easy to install, energy efficient (IE4 efficiency class) and simple to service thanks to a programmable user interface.


Introducing T-Smart, the first and only app controlled ‘smart’ hot water cylinder thermostat. Designed in accordance with EN50440, T-Smart is recognised as a ‘smart’ device and will help conserve energy and reduce fuel bills. With five built-in programs, you can choose from: Smart, Eco, Manual, Holiday or Timer mode – which has a full seven-day programmer built-in. Your customers will be able to control hot water from anywhere at any time. With constant anti-legionella protection, they know their stored water is always safe and prepared for when they need it next.


Balancing domestic heating systems just got easier – and faster – with the launch of the RAS-B2 Danfoss Dynamic ValveTM. Unlike other TRVs, which only act as flow limiters, this latest addition to the Danfoss TRV family features a differential pressure controller. This ensures that pressure drops over the valve remain at a constant level, so flow through the valve is maintained at both full (winter) and partial (autumn/spring) loads. Additionally, pre-setting of the desired flow is done on the valve, rather than on the lockshield, which could save installers up to two hours installation time.


With its 10-year parts and labour warranty and Adey filter system, the Baxi 800 range of boilers gives home-owners peace of mind knowing their gas boiler will be kept in tip-top condition for longer. The boilers are built using top quality brass components and fit neatly inside a standard kitchen cupboard. The Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter is designed to help protect the boiler and central heating system and improve energy efficiency. Every Baxi product is backed by Baxi Customer Support and exceeds the latest European standards for energy efficiency.


Comprising of 63 models available in outputs of 12-70kW including boiler house, outdoor, utility and wall-hung variants, Grant’s highly efficient and award-winning range of Vortex condensing oil boilers delivers significant savings for a property’s annual fuel bills. All of Grant boilers are biofuel compatible, which gives peace of mind to home-owners. They know that, when installed, the boilers are suitable for use with future biofuel blends, helping to achieve a zero-carbon heating solution. *depending on type of biofuel and % blend eg: HVO, FAME etc


Kamco’s range of power flushing pumps are suitable for domestic and small commercial  systems. Together with Kamco accessories such as power flushing filters, water-treating chemicals and adapters it makes the job of cleaning heavily sludged heating systems far more efficient and thorough. As boiler manufacturers keen to offer longer guarantees, ramp up pressure for heating engineers to provide cleaner systems, the Kamco range can give that assurance. The market-leading power flushing pumps, chemicals and accessories from Kamco are now available in the ROI via sole distributor Irish Pipeline Components, with credit options available.


The Aures Slim Multi instantaneous electric water heater from Ariston is the ideal alternative to electric storage water heaters. Water is warmed up immediately when it comes into contact with a powerful heating element as it flows through the unit, resulting in unlimited availability on demand. As a result, the Aures Slim Multi can be installed throughout a home or property close to point of use. It also has an ‘A’ class ErP energy rating. Units are easy to install and maintain, requiring only a connection to the water supply and a fused spur.