Sonas – A woman’s touch

SONAS reaches out to female home improvers to grow loyal consumer base...

Breda Kelliher, Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, SONAS.

You might not have noticed it yet, but SONAS Bathrooms, who operate in what is traditionally a strongly male dominated environment, have in recent years become very focused on bringing a woman’s perspective to all areas of the business.

The company, who manufacture and supply bathroom product solutions for domestic and commercial applications, have a strong female team in consumer-facing roles, including Breda Kelliher managing sales and marketing, AnneMarie Craig heading up design, Ita O’Brien in product development, Carol Murray in technical support and Sanja Colic and Sandra Roca in showroom consultations.

“I am proud to work for a company that recognises that women’s insights are vital especially in terms of product selection and how our bathroom products are marketed,” says Breda Kelliher, Sales and Marketing Operations Manager. “Our research and insights are clear. In domestic settings it is generally women who choose the bathroom

“Much of our strategy in terms of growing a loyal consumer base is engaging with women. Women dominate the interiors space on social media platforms such as Instagram. Having an engaged audience in that space has increased demand for our products, especially our extensive range of on-trend bathroom furniture. For example, having a woman involved in product development means much of our bathroom furniture now have specific make up drawers that are a huge hit!”

Gender equality
The team at SONAS bathrooms understand providing good service and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, regardless of gender, is vital as satisfied customers tend to be more loyal to our brand.

Breda continues, “We find that for men, good service means helping them find the right item and helping them get through the process quickly. For women, customer satisfaction is strongly linked to a willingness to share expert advice and demonstrate familiarity with the product and the salesperson’s ability to help them determine which products suit their lifestyle best.

“Our retailers know that women generally come in with a specific idea in mind; for example, I want the bathroom to be functional and hardworking as we have three young children, or my en-suite must be spa-like. Our showroom is full of expert women who are delighted to explain the full range on show.”

SONAS operate a 4,000sq ft product showroom display at their HQ in Dublin where visitors can view the entire product range available. For those who cannot visit the physical premises they can book an online video consultation or make use of a live video call product demonstration with one of the company’s in-house product advisors.

“Our research and insights are clear. In domestic settings it is generally women who choose the bathroom.”

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