Sustainability and Comfort

Heat pumps are growing in popularity, especially with energy bills going up, as 75% of the energy they use comes from renewable sources. However, to gain significant savings in energy consumption, it is crucial to understand and evaluate the type of system a heat pump is paired with and the terminal units to be used.

Fondital aluminium radiators are specifically suitable for low-temperature heating systems made with heat pumps. To assess the effectiveness of a system, several factors must be considered, such as thermal conductivity. Fondital aluminium radiators feature a reduced water content, almost half compared to radiators such as steel panels, that allow them to heat up quickly, obtaining the desired temperature with less energy usage.

The same results cannot be obtained with cast iron or steel, for example. Under the same conditions, a steel radiator takes 50% more energy and time than an aluminium one to reach the right temperature. 

Another key factor is thermal inertia, the system’s ability to quickly adapt to changes in thermal loads that occur throughout the day. Any heating system undergoes temperature fluctuations based on various factors such as the presence of people in the home, the use of household appliances, or the insolation coming from windows. These are just a few of the many sources that generates free heat.


Aluminium radiators make a difference thanks to low thermal inertia that allows them to be sensitive and reactive to variations. They instantly modulate their energy output for the benefit of energy consumption and comfort. 

Considering the same temperature and installation context, Fondital aluminium radiators are about 30 minutes quicker to heat a room to 20°C compared to steel radiators.

The low thermal inertia combined with high heat emission and regulation efficiency prevent heat peaks and repeated shutdowns often recorded with steel radiators and underfloor heating systems, ensuring comfort throughout the house.

To ensure well-being in every room, Fondital offers a wide range of products, from traditional die-cast and extruded radiators to the sophisticated models of the design range and towel warmers.

Focus on the raw material

When it comes to sustainability, the product’s raw material is as important as its consumption and performance. Aluminium is an outstanding metal, as it can be recycled infinite times without ever losing its properties.

Recycling this material brings important benefits in terms of sustainability, especially regarding carbon footprint. For example, in Europe, the carbon footprint of 1kg of recycled aluminium is 0.5 kg of CO2e, while 1 kg of primary aluminium produces 6.7 kg of CO2e. 

By using recycled aluminium, Fondital obtains energy savings during the production process 95 times greater than with primary aluminium, with a significant reduction in emissions throughout the whole supply chain.

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