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simPRO can assist Plumbing & Heating businesses to centralise data and overcome new challenges...


During the last few months of unprecedented times, business owners have faced many new challenges: office staff working from home, fewer engineers available, a reduced workforce or even customers who are in need of emergency help. Centralised data is the key to staying in control during periods of uncertainty. It gives you:

• More organised, consistent and accurate information
• Insightful reporting and data analysis opportunities
• Easily accessible and well protected data
• Important information to manage the customer experience

There are 4 key benefits to using a configurable software solution designed for centralising your business operations and connecting all areas of the business.

Business information is never static,it requires frequent updating and synchronisation. A centralised system updates data instantly across multiple records, removing the need to do this individually/manually. With complete access to the latest information your admin staff and field engineers can:

• Effectively manage and monitor their jobs, quotes, customers and assets
• Improve the quality of service that your business offers
• Provide a consistent experience for your customers

Do you know where your business is making and losing money? The value of the stock stored in the warehouse and work vehicles? Can you see which jobs have been invoiced? An in-built reporting functionality can help you to visualise and make sense of your data and make more informed decisions. Get back time wasted on compiling, preparing and organising manual reports, with simPRO you can determine what business-critical information you need to analyse and identify pain points when monitoring day to day or month on month.

When everyone in your business is working with the same data, regardless of whether they are in the office or not, they will be better equipped to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Prepare your field staff with key information to communicate and prioritise jobs appropriately upon arrival – creating the best environment for a positive customer experience and giving your business a keen competitive advantage.

Many systems that centralise data are cloud based, which means administrative staff can work from home using a web browser, field staff can securely access important information via a mobile app and most importantly, you can monitor your business from any location.

Technology is playing an important role in the industry right now, helping businesses to navigate through these difficult times and putting them in a stronger position to recover in the months to come. If you’d like to discover more about simPRO’s powerful software solutions, please get in touch.

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