Templemore Baths, Belfast

NUGENT worked closely with main contractor Heron Bros to provide a complete mechanical and electrical installation for the refurbishment of the original Templemore Baths building and the extension. Mechanical services included LPHW heating, general ventilation, domestic services, underfloor heating, above-ground drainage, natural gas installation, an automated building management system, air conditioning, gas detection and oxygen depletion systems, a natural Vent and an AOV System. 

“The passionate people in our Digital Construction Team coordinated all the MEP services to ensure that the services could be integrated into the building with minimum impact on the wonderful heritage features,” explained Contracts Director Martin Keenan. The team used BIM Level 2 with the model completed to LOD 5 to identify and provide solutions for potential clashes between MEP, architectural and structural elements of the project, even before the MEP installation began. “Using the coordinated information delivered by our Digital Construction Team, our OSM factory was able to pre-fabricate the plant room and associated items which ensured improved quality and efficient delivery, also assisting with programme constraints,” he added.

Opened in 1893, the Baths were not NUGENT’s first project in a historical building. “We have been privileged to work on multiple heritage projects over the years, including many listed buildings. Therefore, our team of experts have great experience with maintaining and restoring heritage services,” Martin commented. “The history of the project is incredible. One of the highlights is how one of the original swimming pools has been preserved with a glass floor over the surrounds for the public to visualise the original Victorian bath house.”

NUGENT and Heron Bros have an excellent working relationship. “Templemore Baths was a fascinating heritage project to be part of. We worked closely with Heron Bros to ensure the successful delivery of our MEP services to the leisure facilities, and the attention to detail was incredible,” Martin added. “The Victorian Baths will provide excellent leisure facilities to the public and encourage health and fitness.”

For the full feature on Templemore Baths, see Plumbing & Heating Mag issue 115 Sept-Oct here.