Top 5 measuring instruments for heating engineers

As a heating engineer, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job! Anything less could result in incorrect measurements, excessive waiting times and unhappy customers. The team at Testo understands what having the right instruments means to you and has devised a list of the top five most important instruments for heating engineers today.

Flue gas analyser

A flue gas analyser is a staple for heating engineers. They help in achieving safe and optimal boiler performance by measuring the combustion process. There is a range of flue gas analysers on the market for several applications, from domestic to industrial boilers. They all deliver precise results and allow you to see any issues instantly.

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Testo 865s thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging camera

A thermal imaging camera is the perfect tool for detecting thermal anomalies without causing any destruction to customer property. They allow pipework and leaks in hot water and underfloor heating systems, radiator blockages and other potential problem areas to be located in an instant. With a range of products available on the market, thermal cameras are ideal for applications in heating system diagnosis for both domestic and industrial settings.

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Gas leak detectors

A gas leak can be a frustrating problem to find. It only takes a small amount of gas to cause a potential safety risk, especially in a confined space. With an electronic gas leak detector, leaks are located in an instant and corrective action is taken. The Testo range can be used on all common combustion gases.

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Smart probes

Smart probes are pocket-sized, professional instruments that are perfect for a variety of applications in the world of HVAC. They allow the user to measure a broad range of indicators, including temperature, pressure, humidity and flow velocity. Smart probes can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, allowing measurement of multiple parameters to be taken simultaneously and recorded by using a corresponding app.

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Digital manifolds

Digital manifolds are the perfect tool for working with heat pumps. With the UK Government aiming for traditional gas and oil boilers to be obsolete by 2035 and the recent updates in heating technology, heat pumps are set to change the market of home heating systems. This is an area where all refrigeration engineers should be fully trained and knowledgeable, and it is essential for heating engineers to retrain and educate themselves on installation and servicing. 

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