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The latest heating technology boasts intelligent, energy-efficient features across the various components that make up a whole system. However, they need to speak to each other effectively to ensure each one functions at its best, and to maximise overall efficiency. Mark Wilkins, Director of Technologies and Training at Vaillant, looks at the benefits of considering a full system approach, for both the installer and end user, when recommending a heating system. 

“When designing an efficient heating system, selecting the right combination of components that work together seamlessly is vital to boost performance and deliver a quality installation. Even for the most basic heating systems, it is well known that installing an appropriate control with a boiler or heat pump is important to improving system efficiency. 

“A significant benefit in choosing a complete system from one manufacturer is the reassurance that each component has been designed to work with each other and the system has been tested by the manufacturer. As appliances from one manufacturer will speak a common ‘system language’, this helps fine-tune the entire system and makes installation easier. For instance, a regular boiler installed with an intelligent control and cylinder can modulate when there is a demand for either heating or hot water. Most mixed-brand systems would simply switch the boiler on and off to maintain the required comfort levels, and therefore create greater wear and tear on the individual components. 

“The savings available go further than reducing home-owner fuel bills. The latest developments in smart home heating mean that installers can offer better customer service and reduce call out visits to customers. Opting for a smart control offers remote diagnostics, gives data insight that installers and manufacturers can use to be prepared with the right parts for visits. Also, by understanding and monitoring the system’s performance, installers can recommend fixes to issues before they even occur. 

Consistent training and product knowledge
“Learning the ins and outs of products from one manufacturer has its benefits in terms of time, convenience of training, and capability. Once you are comfortable with the install and features of a product range, it is far easier to migrate to future products. Vaillant offers training across its full range of products so installers can gain in-depth knowledge of which products make the best combinations, depending on customer needs. It also gives scope to question the experts on how to better serve installations and gives easy access to technical product support when needed.  

One point of contact
“Installing one complete heating solution means that both installer and end user have one point of contact, should an issue arise. Selling this single brand system approach to home-owners is simple: they get a reduction in C02 emissions, reduced energy bills, plus the assurance of single brand quality throughout. 

“At Vaillant, we combine innovation with integration. We create full system solutions designed to work seamlessly. The result is reliable, state-of-the-art heating technology and efficiency for your customers and effortless installation for you, together with quality support and backup from one manufacturer.”

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